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Marry a Jewish girl – make your mom happy!


оравчы                                      Disclaimer: completely serious information is                     presented [here and there] in ironic form.


Actually, tznius is kept here, why not? But just look at these girls!

Choosing of a life companion is a burning problem for young people in any kind of civilized society. Why do we love, how this «chemistry» between people that makes a couple happy for the rest of their life occurs – this matter will be never truly understood with our intellect. It is a very foolish approach to edify or teach others regarding this matter: in case of youth such “tricks” always give an opposite effect.
So we have an other offer. Jewish marriage is rightly considered to be one of the strongest. And there is an objective reason for that – Jewish girls! Let’s ratiocinate on what will the choice of a Jewish girl as a bride bring to a young man.

поComparative statistics:
● in 2015 there were contracted more than 300 thousands of marriages in Ukraine, and 154 thousand were dissolved (50+%);
● in Israel there is only one divorce for 3 marriages!



Choosing a Jewish girl: sky is the limit!
Long since, a woman in Judaism was occupying such a position that she can’t reach in other religions even in the times of emancipation. «Representatives of the weaker sex» – a stereotype cliché on the verge of neglect: you will never hear such words from the Jews!
The woman is respected here, especially if she is a mother: according to the halachic criteria, Jewish parentage is passed exactly through her. These peculiarities of Jewish women form their character and a special status in the society that has no analogues in the modern world (only Amazons are higher!).
Hence a regular fact: Jewish woman is a «foundation» on which success stories of families in the Israel society are being built.

льамвыWomen serving is TSAHAL are not just a necessity: this way the importance of women is stressed on by the society. As well as absence of dense superstitions telling about male domination).




To marry a Jewish girl: what’s the hype about it

Let’s start with a statement: a girl raised up in the spirit of Judaism is potentially ready to give away more to other person than a girl who didn’t receive such upbringing.
Now let’s justify it:
● the Jewish family in which she was raised has many children (2 or more as a rule): the girl is not selfish, takes the opinion of other people into account, is ready to help and care about others since childhood (she is used to take care after her younger brothers and sisters);
● key Jewish values were fostered in her in school: for example, she knows that the ability/skill of sharing with others (Chesed) is a quality that will give her much help in life;
● she knows and observes the laws of everyday life for Jews (Shulchan Aruch);
● owing to the fact that you have the same mentality it will be easy for her to adapt in your circle – mother, relatives, friends – and get along easily with everybody;
● her behaviour is programmed in such a way so that the purity of family life wouldn’t put under any threats: for example, while keeping Torah she will [deliberately] choose such clothes that won’t lead other men into temptation (she will be beautiful for her husband but not for someone else!).
Don’t get it wrongly: a Jewish bride doesn’t guarantee peace in your home and family (shalom bayit). There’s another message for you, fellow: with a Jewish girl you have better «starting» positions from the beginning on your track to family happiness!

«Years after years a man
Misses blindly again without thinking
That inside a charming birdie
A gloomy crocodile may live».

Igor Guberman,
«Gariki for every day»

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