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Jewish values should be cultivated in since childhood.

This is the position of Shiurey Torah Lubavitch movement. The mission is assigned to the Jewish summer, winter and Pesach camps – Sonya’s Camp and Gan Yisroel. Unique events are being realized on the base of Ukrainian recreation sites. Successfully functioning institutions intended for elite children’s recreation have opened their doors for Jewish children.

The STL team has included Jewish component into the camps’ summer programs for the Jewish shift:

  • national education;
  • lessons of history, culture and traditions, their observation (celebrating of Shabbos, in particular);
  • Jewish way of life;
  • five kosher meals a day.
The integration formula also suggests communication and leisure shared with non-Jewish children. Lively interest of participants in the traditions and culture of each other contributes to organic development of the project, as well as to more global achievements: strengthening of interethnic friendship and formation of a healthy tolerant society.

Children’s camp for girls “Sonya’s Camp”

A project for girls (9-17 years) which functions in “Aurora” children’s recreation camp in Skadovsk. The participants can enjoy all the pleasures of resting at the seaside, entertainment options and opportunities of the Ukrainian recreation center as well as useful and interesting Jewish knowledge, cultural and entertainment activities, the ability to meet new friends and much more. The daily schedule is composed in such a way so that the girls’ leisure time is rich, interesting and effective. The morning time is a “shared” one for all children, when all shifts come together, get the schedule for the day and do exercises. After breakfast there is time for games and rest at the Olympic pool with clear sea water. The real fun begins with the opening of hobby clubs. Girls have an opportunity to show any of their talents:
  • dancing;
  • singing;
  • modeling;
  • acting technique (a wardrobe department with over 300 costumes is available);
  • sports (rock-climbing wall, tie-park, billiard room);
  • culinary, etc.
The campers can try themselves as TV-hosts, make-up artists and stylists. All classes are carried out by experienced teachers and real experts in their fields. Every evening thematic events and parties are being held. A radio broadcasting “Auronews” newscasts is working in the camp; the girls shoot their own clips and video reportages. Lessons of national history and culture are introduced to the program in a natural way. Camp leaders of “Aurora” and madrikhs (team leaders) work with the children.

“Gan Yisroel” camp for boys

It hosts boys in the Ukrainian sports and recreation center “Goluboe plamya” (“Blue flame”), which is located on the Arabat Spit. The boys spend time effectively and with lots of fun, keeping Jewish traditions and studying the legacy of their nation. The program includes:
  • different forms of entertainment;
  • lessons;
  • sports competitions;
  • excursions, etc.
The base is equipped with a football field having artificial turf, sports grounds for volleyball and basketball, a tennis court. The greatest object of amazement for the boys is a huge skate park. Professional sportsmen (skaters, rollers, bicyclists) instruct children, watch over their safety and even teach the basics of extreme riding. Madrikhs – English native speakers from USA, Israel and Great Britain, thanks to whom the project got the name of a language-oriented one, and the most cheerful and creative local camp tutors work with the children. Mentors motivate the boys by including an element of competition. Points are given for all good deeds:
  • giving help to a camp leader or a friend;
  • prayer;
  • activity;
  • initiative.
The boys spend their leisure time with madrikhs, playing, doing sports and taking part in friendly competitions.

“Your STyLe camp” youth camp

A Jewish camp for youth which is being realized within the frames of See The Light project and aimed on young people aged 18-27. The camp is held in different locations but the way of spending time there is kept the same: full observance of Jewish traditions, kashrut, Jewish classes with elements of coaching from the best teachers of the country. Moreover, there are many entertainment options, thematic events, interactive elements present in every camp, because our students regularly get points within STL for every kind of activity during classes, at Shabbatons and other events. Our task is to show youth that keeping Jewish traditions and Jewish way of life can be easy, stylish and pleasant. At the same time, young people have a unique opportunity not just only to perceive the wisdom of Torah, but also to understand how traditional Jewish values can be applied to their ordinary life and what they have in common with the life values and principles of their own.
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